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Vote SNP to beat Labour

In your seat of Ochil & South Perthshire, there is a knife-edge battle between Labour and the SNP. At the last election in 2005 when this seat was formed, Labour won, but only by 688 votes over the SNP. The Conservatives came third last time trailing 4624 votes behind and can't win this seat this time. So faced with the fact that the Conservatives are predicted to form the next London government, but can't win your seat, how will you vote here? You can choose to elect a hard-working and campaigning SNP MP who will always speak up for you and make Scotland's voice heard in the House of Commons. Or, you can vote Conservative or Liberal and get Labour! It's your vote: please make it count this time.

  • Its a two horse-race: Only the SNP can beat Labour
  • 0.7% swing required for SNP win this time
  • Only 688 voters to go!


SNP Government in Edinburgh [2007-]

On Your Side
  • Council tax frozen
  • Small business rates relief
  • World leading climate change legislation
  • 1000 more police on our streets
  • Phasing out prescription charges
  • Abolition of student tuiton fees
  • Recession package protecting 15,000 jobs
  • Looking after our veterans
  • Ambitions for the future of Scotland

Labour Government in London [1997-]

Out of touch
  • Miserable 75p state pension increase
  • £100 billion raid on pension funds
  • Illegal war in Iraq
  • £175billion deficit
  • Taking away 10p tax rate
  • Soft touch bank regulation
  • £100 billion wasted on Trident nuclear weapons
  • Lack of proper equipment for our soldiers
  • MP's expenses scandal